EtCetera Winery

EtCetera winery is a small winemaking company located in one of the most favorable areas for grape. Situated 136 km from Chisinau, in the Crocmaz village of ŞtefanVoda district, here are created the best varieties of wines. The suCcess of the winery's prosperity is due to the love and care that all family members have for the land, which rewards them with fruits, for producing the highest quality wines. An excursion to EtCetera Moldova will change your vision of how the wine is produced, how a family business is conducted, how takes place wine tasting in Moldova, where all family members participate in the process.


The business is run by the Lukyanov family and began 15 years ago with the purchase of vineyards. The Lukyanov brothers traveled a lot around the world and realized that their homeland provides everything they need to do their favorite thing - winemaking. With the first harvest, success came; namely from this harvest, EtCetera wines won the gold medal in a local contest organized by the Moldovan wineries.

After this first victory, the Luchianov brothers decided to invest in the construction of a wine factory equipped with state-of-the-art winemaking techniques. Thus, combining new technologies with traditional classical methods proven over many years, EtCetera Moldova reached a culmination in creating complex bouquets with unique taste and aroma.

Wine tasting tour to EtCetera

EtCetera is a company that pays special attention to the process of wine production, ranging from the harvest of grapes and ending with the preservation of wine. The grapes are collected manually in small baskets, after which the fruits are carefully selected by the workers. Then the best berries are transported to the cellars for further fermentation: the red ones are in stainless barrels, and the white ones are in oak barrels. Acquire your most favorite wine tasting tour and enjoy excursions, Moldova will open the most enigmatic and mysterious traditions.


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