The wine-making history of "Gogu Winery" company dates back 4 generations in the Gogu family. The winery's founder, Ilie Gogu, is a winemaker by heredity, who made his ancestors' dream a reality. When he took over his family's business, he made considerable investments in vineyards and technologies for obtaining quality family wines.

It is worth mentioning that Ilie is best known not as a businessman, but as a valuable winemaker. Before founding the family business, Ilie has traveled a difficult road, which began with studies in the field of wine technology and continued with 10 years of experience as a head technologist at one of the biggest wine companies in Moldova.

Under Ilie's supervision, the lengthy wine-making process takes place – starting from planting the vine cuttings and harvesting of grapes and until bottling of wine. He monitors each stage of the production and makes considerable efforts to obtain a select, high-quality product.

The company's vineyards are situated in the most suitable wine-making area of Moldova – the Southeast. Each year, by increasing the area of its vineyards, the company guides itself by the main rule – production of select, quality and exclusive wines. Because of this, the number of produced bottles is usually limited.

From the moment of its launch on the market in 2014, Ilie's wines immediately received highest recognition from national and international experts. Thus, in 2015 they were awarded two golden medals at Asia Wine Trophy 2015, and also at the Bucharest International Wine Contest 2015.

"GoguWinery" wines have character and contain a harmonious palette of refined taste in line with the best wine-making traditions from Moldova.


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