Istanbul Bazaar – Turkish market

Text by Nicolae Chirnev (our Company guide)

No worries, you didn’t mix up Chisinau with Istanbul☝️

You know, I think Chisinau is not influenced by Oriental culture as much as other Balkan countries of Europe, even if Turkey is very close to Moldova, and the Moldovan kingdom was part of the Ottoman Empire for 300 years. 

Anyway, several years ago, a nice shop with the big name ”Istanbul Bazaar” was opened on Tighina Street! For those who have never been to Istanbul before, this shop is a great opportunity to get closer to Turkish cuisine, especially the sweet lokum, baklava, and others.

If suddenly you get the impression that Chisinau is a typical European city and you are in the mood for some diversity, then Istanbul Bazaar can be the best option to feel that, without necessary flying to Turkey. The shop is full of a big number of colorful things that smell and look from a fairy tale. Don’t hesitate to ask the nice lady there to make you a Turkish coffee — it is one of the best in the city! Definitely a nice spot.


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