This is a winery one can rarely find in the Republic of Moldova. It is distinguished by a picturesque view called “Little Tuscany of Moldova”.

The vineyards here stretch on the Măgurii hills, within a unique region, suitable for the production of exceptional wines. Crama Mircești includes a white mansion, which once belonged to a landlord and which in 2011 was restored and brought back to life. It was at that same time when the first vine cuttings were planted.

At present, the vineyard covers an area of 15 hectares and as of 2020 the winery opened the doors of its own guesthouse with traditional cuisine. Crama Mircești is locat-ed 25 kilometres away from the city of Ungheni and 80 kilometres away from Chișinău, in the village with the same name – Mircești, one may say in the heart of the Republic of Moldova.

The climatic conditions here are comparable to the wine regions of southern Germany (Rhine Valley) and with those in northern Italy. Each variety is separately planted on the right slope exactly in the way it is done in the mentioned regions. In addition to Pinot Noir, Saperavi, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Riesling, we grow traditional local va-rieties with love and respect, such as Feteasca Neagră, Rara Neagră, Feteasca Regală and Feteasca Albă. Given the diverse assortment of varieties, we produce wide range of wines and also blends under the Crama Mircești and Bardul din Mircești brands.

Excursion options:

1. EXPRESS - 200 mdl / pers Excursion + Tasting of 3 wines,
Crisps, walnut kernels, croutons
2. TERROIR - 350 mdl / pers Excursion + Tasting of 5 wines,
Crisps, walnut kernels, croutons
3. DISCOVER - 500 mdl / pers Excursion + Tasting of 8 wines,
Crisps, walnut kernels, croutons

Accommodation Mircesti Winery:
5 Double rooms and 8 Twin / Single rooms
Price - 45 € Single / 60 € Double (Breakfast included) Extra bed - 400 mdl
Free Wi-Fi


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