The complex of the Curchi monastery is located in one of the most amazing places in the center of Moldova, in the vicinity of the village of Buzesti. It is located on two terraces and is surrounded by a stone wall with several corner towers.
Founder of the first monastic community - Iordace Curchi, a resident of the nearby village of Morozeni. He became a monk under the name of John. It is known that in this place on his own land he built a wooden church named in honor of Great Dmitry.
There is one of the legends saying that in this part of Codri a gang of robbers did looting for a long time. The leader of the gang was Iordace Curchi. One evening the bandits saw a man and a woman on the road. They attacked them and killed both, but when they began to search the dead bodies they found that the slain were the leader’s own parents. Then Iordache repented his sins, founded a monastery and took monastic vows. His example was followed by part of the robbers.
According to another legend, the monastery was founded in 1765 by Iordace Curchi, a local resident who fled from the Tatar invasion with his brother Michael and the family of the Buzesti priest. When Iordace Curchi wanted to return to his homeland, the priest's widow begged him to take the children with her.Curchi failed to save them from the Tatars, and several years later, tormented by his conscience, founded a monastery on the spot where he left orphans.
The ensemble of the monastery consists of two churches - the summer Svyatodmitriyevskaya, built at the expense of Iordace Curchi, and the winter Christmas of Our Lady, built later, at the beginning of the XIX century. Of particular interest is the winter church erected in 1810. With its construction, the architects turned to the best traditions of classicism, applying in parallel some baroque techniques.
In addition, the structure of the monastic architectural ensemble included nine buildings with cells and the abbot's quarters of the structure of the beginning of the 20th century, a garden and a small stone pool. Previously, a hotel, school and orphanage operated at the monastery.


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