New Neamt Monastery is located in the village Chitcani, Slobozia district, located on the right side of the Danube, not far from town Bender.
New Neamt Monastery, now the largest religious architectural complex of the Republic of Moldova. History of the Lavra Monastery Neamţ is linked by the river Prut, which was one of the greatest centers of medieval Moldavian culture and education.  New Neamt Monastery was built for nearly 50 years. Ascension Temple and Bell council were designed in 1864 by an architect in St. Petersburg, whose name remained unknown until now. At the beginning of sec. XX  bell tower were built with five floors above the gate, refectory, kitchen stone, hospital, a building with two floors for baldness. An incredibly beautiful setting, which leads to the temple, is the alley of oaks, with figures carved into tree trunks novices.
Monastery library has almost 2,000 old books, hand written and printed, many of which have been preserved


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