Purcari is the oldest wine estate in Moldova, established in 1827. The winery has a long and proud history producing some of Moldova’s most iconic wines i.e. Negru de Purcari and Rosu de Purcari. It is located in southeastern Moldova in Purcari village in the Stefan Voda district, one of Moldova’s most prestigious wine producing regions.

The Purcari micro zone is known for its well-drained, rich calcium soil, and good climate, due to its proximity to the Black Sea, that creates an ideal environment for producing outstanding wines, especially red wines.In 2003, Purcari was purchased by its current owners and completely renovated and modernized to keep Purcari’s legacy alive.

The winery produces a range of fine wines. Guided tours of the winery and guided wine tastings are on offer. Wine tastings occur in the main dining room of the fully renovated chateau-style building. The winery restaurant serves national and French dishes, each item carefully chosen by its meticulous owner. Purcari also has 8 large and well appointed hotel rooms. It has a small on-site wine and gift shop. Hotel stays should be arranged in advance, but no reservations are needed for small groups for tours, tastings, and the restaurant.


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