Romanita – The unique Soviet building

 text by Nicolai Chirnev (our company guide)

While driving from Chisinau Airpot towards the historical center, there is no way not to notice this huge, round, grey Soviet building. 

When I first saw it, I was so excited — I was sure that Romanita building must have been the pride of the city. However, I found out later that the building was marked for demolition twice because of its disastrous condition, but having no money, the Municipality has been postponing this plan. 

It was funny and sad when I read that Romanita was named by French architects the ugliest building in the world! Romanita is one of the newest Soviet buildings, constructed just about 35 years ago.

Initially planned as a hotel but eventually switched into apartments, it became the city’s second-tallest building, with 22 floors and 73 meters in height. 

It has never been renovated and as a result, the previously luxury building has nowadays become just a grey piece of concrete, dangerous for its residents, who’d be happy to leave, but don’t have the money.

As a tour guide, I always take my tourists there to admire its monumentality. 

Its top floor opens to a spectacular view over Chisinau and I try to keep that in my memory, because one day, most certainly, Romanita will be demolished.

With some weariness, I see how quickly new buildings are racing around Romanita. They’ve already ”eaten” the nearest green area, and Romanita, as a symbol of a forgotten era, sooner or later will be gone. 

So, hurry, my friend, to see it.


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