Shopping at Chisinau Central Market

Just like any capital of a country, Chisinau has a lot of places where you can go for shopping, for example, you can check out the shopping centers in the Botanica District. However, shopping in Chisinau could turn out to be very crazy if to visit our Central Market. This is a place where the Moldavian national character is presented in the most emotional way. You will be able to bargain with the local sellers, see huge amounts of the fresh fruits and vegetables (even to taste them), argue with the meat sellers and have a lot of fun. Let's find out why.

Wooden shops and free trading places   

The Central Market was established in 1825, by the name "the New Bazaar". It had clear and elegant architectural outlines until the end of the previous century. The New Bazaar attracted customers and traders by its pleasant appearance and well-maintained shops. It was one of the most visited places in Chisinau. Our capital became a commercial city due to the huge growth of population. The first shops were wooden. However, in 1886-1887, the city authorities issued an order - all the wooden shops and bakeries had to be replaced with the stone buildings. The New Bazaar occupied two city blocks, more than six hectares. I should mention one of the very curious fact: for almost 80 years sellers didn't pay taxes for a trading place in the New Bazaar! This, for sure, led to many conflicts, with battles and screams. Nowadays, sellers don't have free places on the market. Everyone has to pay to offer their goods to customers. 

Rising from the ashes 

According to the book "Chisinau in 1941", in that year, all the shops from the New Bazaarwere mined and blown up by a “fighter squad of 480 communists", due to the order of the state because no material values had to be given by the enemy. The squad destroyed the entire street in the center of the city, and the shops located on that street were burned down in flames. The entire Bazaar was completely destroyed. After that, the government issued the order to reestablish the city, including the New Bazaar. It got the new name - "the Central Market" eventually, after rising from the ashes to create the new page in its history. Shops were reopened, people began to trade and pay taxes - the Market came back to life. 

Crazy Central Market 

The Central Market nowadays is a crazy place where people are put in a mess of screams, shouts and battles for the best prices. We, residents, like this place for its unique atmosphere and the goods that could be found there, like woven baskets, căciuli (traditional hats), fur hats, Moldavian souvenirsfresh fruits and vegetables, sweets, cookies, homemade pastries and other curious things. While chasing the quality and cheap goods, you can get a lot of fun, anger, hate, laughter and other emotional states! So, when in Chisinau, don't forget to visit its Central Market and buy something interesting in one of the shops


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