Traditionally, making ceramic pottery was commonplace in Moldovan households to prepare and preserve traditional cuisine. However, over the years, this tradition was almost lost. Thankfully, artisans, such as Vasile Goncear, are helping to revive the traditions of Moldovan pottery making.

Today, Goncear is among the most famous and appreciated pottery masters in Moldova. His workshop, which is located in Hoginesti village in Calarasi, is open to tourists and students looking to learn the art of Moldovan pottery or to simply admire Goncear’s best pieces. A visit to Mr. Goncear’s workshop will provide you with a chance to admire his seemingly effortless ability to produce practically anything form a block of clay. For a truly unique, hands-on experience, you can attempt to create your own “masterpiece” with Mr. Goncear’s help. Even if your masterpiece doesn’t turn out quite the way you had hoped, you’re likely to leave with a smile on your face since Mr. Goncear is also a renowned storyteller. In addition, each year on the third Sunday of July, Mr. Goncear organizes a large pottery fair in Hoginesti where masters from Moldova and neighboring countries come to exhibit their products and celebrate their craft.


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