Chisinau Flea Market – Back in time

Text by Nicolae Chirnev (our Company guide)

Several years ago, everybody could easily find Chisinau Flea Market, but after a long period of ”fighting” between the local municipality and the citizens, the flea market moved its location. It is now next to the main train station and like a lot of eastern European flea markets, the Chisinau Flea market is quite big. If you have at least half the day, it is a nice spot to have a kind of trip back in time. The reason for that is the big number of soviet things sold there.

Here you can buy anything: from a small t-shirt button to a big soviet washing machine. Thousands and thousands of different things are sold from all over Chisinau. The reason — the difficult economic situation that makes people sell the stuff they don’t need anymore, even if they are things from their childhood.

I always come here when I have some free time, without any reason, but I know for sure that I will buy something because I feel sorry for those old people whose pensions are so low. By buying something you help them out, so I encourage you, my friend, to buy a souvenir from there while visiting Chisinau. 


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