A real yurt camp was founded near Chisinau.
The ethnographic village is located in the Kalarash region. This project is the fruit of cooperation between the Moldovan woman Larisa Ambrosiy and the native of Kyrgyzstan Anar Joldon.

The women met almost 20 years ago in Ireland and became friends. Last fall, they decided to create a real island of Eastern culture in Moldova.
The complex has 12 small yurts, 4 and 5 meters in diameter. This is a traditional dwelling of the peoples of Central Asia, which is not afraid of either cold or heat.
Wood, felt and leather are used as building materials. The wall sections are made of thin wooden poles. The felt cover is resistant to rain and wind.

A yurt fully satisfies the needs of a nomad due to its convenience and practicality: it is quickly assembled and disassembled by one family in just one or two hours. A hole in the dome is used for daylight and allows the use of the hearth.

The traditional dwelling of the peoples of Central Asia is now available for residents of Moldova. In an exotic village you can get acquainted with the elements of Eastern culture, feel like a nomad and touch the history.


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