The Scientific Reservation ‘Codri’

Moldovan Codri (plural; also sometimes singular Codru) is the oldest park in the country. It is located about 50 km from the capital Chisinau in the "triangle" formed by three villages Hîncu, Căpriana and Lozova. It occupies 5200 hectares of land, which is covered by the forest.

The territory of the forest Reserve Codri is generally hilly forests with a maximum height of 380m. The landscape of this protected natural reserve also consists of ravines and valleys.

Today, most Moldovan forests have thinned significantly; they have been superseded by vineyards, apple orchards and sunflower fields. In the western part of the Republic of Moldova there is however a well-preserved forest, when in 1971 the country's only National Forest Research called Codru was created.

Virtually the entire territory of the reserve is covered by forest. There are growing trees such as hornbeam, fir, elm, birch and beech. The fauna is also very diverse and you can find the golden eagle, badger, hare, fox, deer and wild boar.

Thanks to Codri reserve, it has been possible to keep going some endangered species. For example the weasel is found within the reserve being the only place in Moldova. Also the forest cat can be found there, listed in the Red Book.

The reserve is a scientific area, its flora and fauna are under a high degree protection. It is divided into three zones: a strictly protected area, the buffer zone and intermediate. In the heart of the reserve there is a zone of absolute rest, the standard of wildlife; it occupies 750 hectares. There's no human intervention in the zone, careful observation is conducted. About 90 species of rare plants grow in these areas; you can also find spike rush, cottonweed, cotton grass. The herbage and shrubs are also well developed: ramson, glague, arrowwood, European euonymus and dogwood.

Tourist activities are permitted on the reserve lands, so you can personally enjoy the beauty of the plants and animals in the wild. Moreover the reserve has a "Museum of Nature".


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