Butuceni Eco Resort is located in a picturesque place that fascinates with its beauty. It is a rocky area with endless green areas on the river Raut. Butuceni village is located 47 km from Chisinau and 18 Km from Orhei. The householders of Eco Resort Butuceni had set an objective that whoever would pass in their house to fell as good as an Moldovan feels at mother’s home. The “lejanca” – bed with clay walls that is heated with fire from the inside, with tasty “placinta”-homemade pie and homemade wine will make a special impression that may be never forgotten. The householders are also proud to present their house farm, with a large variety of animals and birds. From the farm you can make your child happy with a trip on the pony or horse. enjoying the landscapes of Butuceni. Here you can taste the fruits and vegetables which are grown in the orchard of the Eco Resort Butuceni.


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