Chateau Cojusna Winery

The Company “MIGDAL-P” was founded in 1995 and includes several modern wine-making complexes.

Being located in the center of Moldova, the wine-making region of Codru, within 15 km only from Kishinev, the winery possesses not only with modern plant for production of wines and divines, but also with a touristic complex in the style of French Chateau including 4 tasting halls, cellars for wine storing and maturing, as well as a gallery of collection wines.

As one of the major wine producers and exporters in Moldova, the Company possesses with high-performance production and storing equipment of Italian and German origin.

The Company’s mission consists in propagation of the culture of consumption of high-quality wines, popularization of Moldovan wines both at national and international level, as well as in care of the consumer’s health.

The Company has a system of integrated management, functional, quality – average – safety of the aliment, in accordance with international standards requirements ISO 9001 + ISO 14001 + ISO 22000, that was certified initially in the 2008th year and at the moment is continuously maintained and improved.

The integrated management system allow them to keep under control all the aspects of average, the critical points of control in the process of production by point of view of aliments safety, risks regarding the quality of the product and risks regarding the satisfaction of client requirements.


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