Branesti Winery and Stone Age cave restaurant

Moldova’s first underground hotel Epoca di piatra (the Stone Age) can start its work this year on the territory of the tourist complex Branesti winery (Pivnitele din Branesti).

According to the winery administration, it is planned to construct four rooms by the end of the year, but their number can be increased to 15 if there is demand. The hotel also has tasting rooms, pas, restaurant and an amphitheater.

The whole complex is situated in an old limestone mine at a depth of 60 meters, which helps to maintain a constant temperature all year round at the level of 12-14 degrees and humidity 90-92%.

The Pivnitile din Branesti administration believe that thanks to the absence of internet and mobile communications guests can escape from civilization and city noise. Tourists will also have a possibility to explore the underground galleries, to rent a cell to store wine and to participate in cultural activities.

The complex is located in the village of Branesti, the Orhei Raion, in 5 km from the historical and archeological complex Old Orhei, which is the most visited tourist attraction in Moldova.


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