Monument The Candle of Gratitude

"The Candle of Gratitude" is a monument, whose roots go back to the depths of our past, and it is also one of the most significant buildings in the modern history of Moldova.

"The Candle of Gratitude, this monument is a tribute of respect to all the unknown heroes, to the people who have preserved the language, culture and history of our country Moldova in the multicolour palette of human civilisation. The monument also perpetuates the memory of the great unknown poet who wrote the ballad "Mioritsa."

Here, using the foundations as an expression, is buried all the pain, diligence, and the hopes of many generations of our countrymen lie. This monument is an extraordinary work by the sculptor. It is dedicated to all destructed elements of Moldovan culture.

This "candle", built on a rock on the outskirts of Soroca city, is towering over the river Dniester and is classified as one of the most important buildings in the history of our modern Moldova.

The idea of building this monument belongs to Ion Druta well-known Moldovan literature classic writings; although he suggested that 15 years ago, this project was implemented it was and officially only opened only on 27th March, 2004.

Thanks to Ion Druta, his faith, labour and material support today "The Candle of Gratitude" rises above the waters of the Dniester. Near Soroca from the river to the top of the hill six hundred steps lead up to the bell tower that is in the form of a 29.5 meter long candle.

People of Otaci and Kamenka can see the Light of the "Candle" in the night-time. You get an indescribably beautiful view of the place from the top of the hill.


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