Grape harvesting & winemaking

Autumn is beautiful in Moldova; and when its fall, it’s time to pick the grapes and make wine. Depending upon the weather, harvesting typically begins in late August and ends in early October. 

Vineyards are everywhere in Moldova. There are many small family winemakers, and also large commercial wineries. Tourists who would like to have the opportunity to harvest grapes by hand – all the grapes in Moldova are hand-picked – have a possibility to help make wine on either a small or large scale.

Many rural pensions in central and southern Moldova permit tourists to work in the vineyards during the harvest, where they will have a more intimate wine making experience. All Moldovan family winemakers love to speak about and share their wines with guests.

There are also several wineries that provide opportunities for small and large groups of visitors to join in the harvest. Usually, the guests to do some work in the vineyard and then enjoy lunch outdoors where they get to enjoy the best wines from previous vintages. Also, allow groups of people, for example a team from a company, to produce their own wine, which is stored at the winery until it is ready for bottling.



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