Hancu Monastery was built in 1678 by the Great High Steward Mihail Hancu after one of his daughters expressed a desire for the religious life. She became a nun and took the name of Parascheva. 
In the middle of the 18th century, when the Tatars invaded, the nuns left the convent. 
In 1817, a wooden church was built at the monastery. It had a wooden iconostasis decorated with flowers gilded with gold. The walls inside of the church were fashioned with many beautiful icons, eight of which were painted on planks of wood and gilded with gold.
In 1835 the first stone church was built in Russian Byzantine style and later in 1841 the winter church was raised. During the period 1956-1990 the monastery was closed by the soviet administration, and on its territory a sanatorium was organized. In 1990 the monastery is reopened by the request of locals.


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